For your convenience, our most common customer questions are answered right here.

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Q: What is the difference between you and other web and hosting companies like Go Daddy, Wix, etc?

A: We are a full turnkey solution. Most of the companies out there are on do it your self basis and if you have any issues call us if it is within the scoop of our work we will help you and if not you will have to be charged for it. With Vandulo there is no do-it-yourself, we take care of everything. we do not give Your job is to run your business our job is technology

Q: How do you know what I need?

A: Before we take your project we will communicate with you to learn more about your business. Most likely after our preliminary conversation, our professionals will be able to determine what you need as far as what technology, what type f server, what program language, and what resources your business will need to sustain itself.  After so many years in business and dealing with lots of clients we sometimes know better than the business owner what will work for their business.

Q: Why you do not have Rates posted on your website?

A: One main reason is that we do not know what service you need. Since we are a customized based company our services are mainly contract based with customer specifics service requirements in place. Big companies are posting general rates for you to sign in then they charge you extra after they know your requirements, sometime it is waste of time for you as a customer. With Vandulo we quote you based on your requirements prior to us excepting you as our client.