Internet Business BasicsInternet Business Basics

Utilizing The World Wide Web

Understanding the Internet marketing process

Creating a Web site plan

Knowing who your customers are

Setting goals for your Web site

Calculating your Web site promotion budget

Deciding what to do yourself and when to hire an expert

The Future Of Web Development and Your Business Marketing.The Future Of Web Development and Your Business Marketing.

Web Development

1995- often called the “Olden Days” of the public Internet – the average computer connected online via a telephone line, reaching download speeds of merely 56 Kbps. We would wait patiently (often for several minutes) while images loaded, pages displayed, and long paragraphs of text rendered font sizes and color combinations to challenge our optical nerve endings.

And we didn’t have many choices. For example, very few comparison shopping opportunities were available online. For many, the idea of having a Web-based shopping cart to accept product orders from a Web site was as far into the future of possibilities as owning a flying car.

Because of the manual effort and knowledge base required to create a Web site back then, business owners with forward-thinking minds but limited budgets would negotiate to pay a few hundred dollars for a single basic Web page. the Web, Web sites with multiple pages were restricted to the technical or even a mini-page-just to have some type of presence on having a presence on the Web of any kind was a luxury and more of status companies who could employ programming staff and designers. In short, symbol than anything. Today, of course, the game has changed considerably.

Understanding the Internet Marketing ProcessUnderstanding the Internet Marketing Process

Your Web site is any of the following:

Most cost-effective sales vehicle: It can accept orders 24 hours a day, 7 days a week without the need for employees to process the order by phone or in person.

Ultimate lead generator: Even the smallest businesses can compete with the largest companies for attracting new customers worldwide.

E-mail list builder: Inspiring visitors to give you their e-mail address for something they will get in return (such as a newsletter, a free report, coupons) allows you the opportunity to make routine contact with prospects so you can earn their trust over time.

Worldwide marketing outlet: Even the smallest businesses can compete with the largest companies for attracting new customers anywhere in the world.

Market research spy: Use online tools to “legally” know what your competition is doing to promote products and services on the Internet to help you make your own decisions of how and where to promote.

Fast market tester: Make changes to prices and sales copy as often as you’d like and the changes happen immediately, usually with no cost associated (unlike print marketing).

Collections agent: Credit cards are automatically charged at the point of purchase before the product is shipped or services are delivered.

Communications vehicle: Company developments can be announced to a mass audience within a few hours or even minutes.

Support department: The Internet offers one person the ability to provide immediate assistance to multiple customers at the same time by displaying FAQs and offering personalized attention with online chat and e-mail support.

Product delivery truck: The Internet allows new product forms to be developed that require no shipping, such as e-books and MP3 audio downloads.

Online Presence Web Design ,SEO and Digital Marketing is Crucial For Your BusinessOnline Presence Web Design ,SEO and Digital Marketing is Crucial For Your Business

Strat Now With Vandulo Web Developers

Business owners, Web site designers, programmers, and other providers of Internet services alike. First, Vandulo web development introduces you to today’s Internet marketing process. By understanding the process, you know the right time and sequence of steps to apply any strategy you glean such as having various Web site components in place before launching a Google AdWords campaign or knowing your conversion rates before attempting to recruit affiliates to promote your product. then Vandulo web design and consulting will help you to assemble a realistic plan that will enable you to use the Internet to its fullest potential for the growth of your business.