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Vandulo Web Services and AWS: Bringing IT Best Practices to AWS Cloud

The Challenge

Cloud computing offers organizations the opportunity to increase competitiveness and improve agility. This is why organizations in all industry verticals are turning to public cloud solutions to accelerate innovation, expand market reach, and drive down IT costs. However, embracing the public cloud presents challenges. Enterprises want to exploit the public cloud's benefits, but they also need to ensure the same level of security, governance, and control that they have with their on-premises and private cloud infrastructure. To expand confidently to the public cloud, enterprises need best practices that apply the right number of guardrails - while still empowering users such as DevOps with the innovation and agility that the cloud delivers.


The Solution

To meet this challenge Vandulo Web Services and Amazon Web Services (AWS) have worked together to create a deeply integrated Cloud Management solution for the AWS Cloud. This integration lets (T take full advantage of the Amazon Cloud's agility and advanced capabilities, while maintaining full visibility and control of their public cloud resources It provides standardized, consistent processes for building and managing services across Amazon regions and accounts, along with the visibility needed to ensure compliance with corporate security policies. It also gives AWS customers visibility of cloud costs and usage at the application and service level, creating greater transparency for Show Back and Charge Back Initiatives


Together Vandulo Web Services and AWS Cloud deliver a compelling solution for end-to-end cloud management. By integrating Vandulo Web Services and AWS, organizations can:
• Standardize hybrid infrastructure management by leveraging Vandulo Web Services' single system of record and robust service catalog.
•Manage the entire service lifecycle of Amazon Virtual Private Data Centers and create a single security management model across public and private cloud environments services they contain. • Measure the TOO of individual cloud services by giving lines of business the visibility they need to manage costs. • Give cloud administrators, requestors, users and operators the tools they need to be productive and drive the business forward. For more information, or to schedule a demo, please contact your Vandulo Web Services


Vandulo Web Services

also provides extensive management capabilities for private clouds, using the same consistent tools and processes used for AWS Cloud. This delivers comprehensive visibility and consistent control of hybrid cloud infrastructure environments from initial request to final retirement.

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