Service-Commodity Goods Continuum

Business services are a recognizable subset of Economic services and share their characteristics. The essential difference is that Businesses are concerned about the building of Service Systems in order to deliver value to their customers and to act in the roles of Service Provider and Service Consumer.

Understanding the Internet Marketing Process

Keep in mind from the start. Your Web site is an important component of your success on the Internet, that’s true. However, it’s far from being the only piece of the pie. In and of itself, the creation of your Web site is really only about 5 percent (or maybe even less) of what you need to gain any real presence on the Internet. Sure, having your Web site appear on search engines is important, too. But, for most companies, search engine presence is only another 5-10 percent of the overall opportunity that awaits you. Today’s entrepreneur finds success by following a step-by-step process to grow and run his company via the Internet. The following sections and related articles by vandulo web development and hosting, outline this process for you so you can be more efficient in your online business growth and strategies.

Development 90%
Design 80%
Marketing 70%

Get in Control And Go full Force with Your Business

The success or failure of your Internet marketing strategy determines whether food appears on your table next month and whether your bills get paid. You must be in control of any process that affects your lifestyle. Basic components you should be in control of include.Original Web site design files, including images, photos, and logos: In the event that your designer suddenly becomes unavailable through other employment discontinued interest in your project or even death,
having access to originals will allow you to transition easily to another
service provider. Web site hosting logins: Every Web site needs a Web site hosting location where all the files are stored and accessed on the Internet. You should always choose your own hosting company and pay for that service directly to the hosting company. Any login user names and passwords supplied by that hosting company should be in your name and in your control. You might very well provide access to your Web site to helpers such as designers, programmers, and Internet marketers. Still, the only way you’ll have the ability to change passwords in the event you want to change helpers is if you are in charge of your hosting account.

Backups of all content, pages, and HTML code: In the event that you need to change Web site hosting companies or you decide to fire your copywriter or administrative staff who might supply or maintain your Web site content, always have a current backup of your Web site’s pages. That way, if your hosting company pulls the plugs on their servers and goes out of business, you could still be up and running with another hosting provider within a matter of hours- if you have good backups of your content. Otherwise, if you don’t have access to those pages, you would need to create all those documents from scratch. Not good.

Domain name logins and registrations in your name: Your domain name is the heart of your Web site. It is the most critical component of all. As the business owner, you must own your domain name, have it registered in your name, and have exclusive rights to maintain it.

Never let your designer, administrative assistant, or even your mother register your domain name for you. A domain name such as YourBusinessName dot com is tied to the Web server where your Web site resides. If you decide to change hosting companies, the only way to change where the domain name directs is by logging into your domain name registrar (the company where you registered your domain name) and changing the appropriate settings. This is something only you should have control over.

Additional logins or passwords: Beyond the basic Web site level, a variety of user names and passwords will be issued to you. These could include a Google AdWords account, article directory submission logins visitation statistics reporting access, YouTube video accounts, social networking logins (as presented in Book VII), and third-party e-mail management systems (such as Constant Contact, discussed in Book V), to name a few. When you’re implementing your own Internet marketing campaigns, be sure to have all account registrations in your name, using your e-mail address. That way, you always retain administrative rights to those promotional outlets. However, if you choose to outsource the more time-intensive Internet marketing functions (such as Google AdWords, for example), be open to the idea that a professional organization has the exclusive right to that account.

After all, there is a great deal of magic that skilled Google AdWords managers will be reluctant to hand over to you should you choose to cut your ties with their services. In cases like these, you really are still in control: that is to say (cough), you are in control of whether you will pay that service provider for additional services next month. Make sure that your service provider supplies you with routine progress reports so that you can make that assessment accurately. At Vandulo web development we are handling it fully for our clients so they do not have to think about this daunting work and focus on other business.